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Anthony Michael Hall has made an indisputable mark in lives all over the world. With his breakthrough performances in John Hughes' series of teenage angst films, he catpured the shy, withdrawn, and often overlooked pain that we've all gone through. This section covers the films and television appearances before The Dead Zone and will soon feature web exclusive merchandise! <<ENTER>>



In his transitional films and current day starring role in USA Networks' "The Dead Zone," Anthony Michael Hall has shown us that drama is well within his grasp as an actor. His work on "The Dead Zone" has also allowed him to extend his talents into producing. His most recent project, "Aftermath," included such stars as Tony Danza, Elisabeth Rohm, the late Chris Penn,Frank Wiley, and Kent King. Read about current projects and the progress of Michael's production company projects. <<ENTER>>



Watch for a lot of future projects from Anthony Michael Hall and his production company, Launch Productions. His pursuit of films is taking him to new heights. With two independent films wrapping and in post production, the next projects on the horizon are just an arms length away. Read more about where AMH is going and what he's doing tomorrow. <<ENTER>>


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